Project 3: Alphabet World


A in Eiffel Tower

This is my holder for my spoons when I cook. I have Eiffel Towers all over my place, and there's A's in each of them! This one was the prettiest.


B in 8

I wore 8 my entire life on every jersey for every sport I have ever played, and while folding laundry I noticed a B. In every 8, there is a B to see.


C you in the party chat!

This is a headset used for talking while gaming. When you look at the right angle, it shows a C.


D in the scissors

Sometimes if the holders for scissors are too small, my fingers will get stuck. While cutting open a bag, I noticed the D within the scissor handles.


E in glovE or mitt...

I've called this a glove my whole life. I don't ever remember calling it a mitt... so if that's your cup of tea.. go for it. EvEry glovE has an E within thE wEb.


Where the F is my step stool?

The cabinets in my apartment are far too high. It is ridiculous how often I have to use my step stool, but I found this F within it while I was trying to reach my cups.


G for doG leash

Every leash has one of these. Bungee cords have them too. I'm not exactly sure what it's called, but it shapes to be a G when you holde it down and that's pretty cool I'd say.


H in the web

Every glove has a web, but there's a lot of different types. I couldn't leave my house and use this glove recently, but when I order it 4 years ago, it was an H web. It still is an H.. it won't really change.


I spy a lightsaber

Lightsabers are straight. This is the same saber I used for my Project 2. It's Luke Skywalkers (and then Rey's) lightsaber and I love it. It's an I.


J is just hangin' around

Upside down hanger equals J. The little part that hangs on a hook or a pole or whatever is technically a J. So.. all hangers have a J.


oKay in the shoelace

In every shoe lace that's tied up this way, there's a hidden K at the top. It's very small and easy to be forgotten, but I saw it and I thought it was perfect.


L in the tabLe corners

There's an L in every corner. Literally. One way or another there is an L. I chose the table because well I love it and I did have to flip it upside down... but it works.


Mmmmm in the floor

My floor pattern in the kitchen and bathrooms is a little weird, but when I found this spec of repeated M's.. I was intrigued.


N inside the nail clippers

It's funny. Nail clippers start with an N, and if you manuever the clippers a certain way, you get an N! Or a Z if you're looking for it.. but not this time for me.


O no a dOnut!

This a dog toy. It's also a donut. Which is also the letter O. Can be confused with the number 0, but it's definitely an O.


P handle in eyelash curler

I actually haven't used an eyelash curler since October, so this P was a little dusty when I found it. It's another handle, but it's no D. It is a P!


Quiet spoon in the bowl

Q is such an odd letter. It's like an O with a tail. We drink hot chocolate in these mugs and mix with a spoon. If you're looking- like actually looking, you'll see a Q inside.


R you not washing your hands?

Not to be confused with Argh like a pirate. These are double R's and one is a big lowercase r, and one is a small lowercase r. These R's are all over the sinks in the world.


S in the desklamp

My brother and sister-in-law got me this lamp when I first moved out to Fullerton for college. It's cool because it attaches to a desk and moves around. I moved it so much that I saw an S creep in!


T in the head of boba feTT

This is a planter that I used to have a cactus in. He died. Rest in peace because I can't keep a plant alive. Any helmet from Mandalore has a T if you're looking at it.


U shall not dry hands!

It's a papertowel holder upside down. Isn't it interesting that upside down begins with a U? Anyways... look at U!


Victory formation, World Series style

Clayton Kershaw is my favorite player in baseball. He's a pitcher for the Dodgers, and I love him. I have several pennants; especially since the Lakers and Dodgers both won in 2020. But this a perfect V because of the rotation.


Wwwww.. they're everywhere!

My friends used to make fun of me for using an iron and ironing board, but it came in clutch when looking for a W. There's dozens of repeated W's on this thing.


Shoutout to my X outside!

There's literally an X in every part of this table and chair set I got from Ikea. This is one of the chairs and if you saw the full photo, you'd see my German Shepherd, Sasha bit the corner. What a perfect eXample of X.


Y you gotta be a tree?

I had seen a different Y in a different tree, and then I saw this beauty. Y would anyone not like this tree? It's the perfect letter.


Zzz.. but not in cooking

I came across this Z when I was about to make some soup. And again when I made spaghetti. And again when I made mac and cheese.. you get it. This Z is always there.. for my three meals and stress snacking. Hopefully I catch some Z's after this project!